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*the names were changed to protect the innocent!

CD and Tape
These are Real Media samples. If you need RealPlayer 8 Basic to play Real Media files
it is available for free at the bottom of this page along with Windows Media Player 
and  Winamp too for MP3 files.


       Air check of 1079 'YNF/Sarasota, Florida
       Air check of Gulf 104/Tallahassee, Florida
       Air check of Mix 96/Tampa, Florida
Air check of Star 95.7/Tampa, Florida
Air check of SHE 100.3/Orlando, Florida
Air check of Thunder 1035/Tampa, Florida  


       animated music notesActual Anti-drug PSA that ran on the air

       animated music notesPhone message left from angry listener


       animated music notesOne of the most "magical" words in the English language 
                      (Caution contains explicit language!)

       animated music notesAdult version of Shaggy and Scooby Doo's new book commercial

       animated music notesA radio call that took a wrong turn

       animated music notes A telephone call to the world's greatest company!


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