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The History Of Cashman

I'm Dave Cash, more commonly know as "Cashman". I'm currently on the air at Thunder 103.5 in Tampa Bay. I've been in radio for over twelve years and dig it very much. I'm a musical genius and live the lavish lifestyle of a musician..........  alright, so I just have a strong passion for music and entertaining people. (not to mention getting free 8-tracks!)

I actually started in radio because my friends were always getting pissed at me when I breezed through the musical version of Trivial Pursuit. (some people actually referred to me as a music artist encyclopedia)

Working in radio rocks for two reasons...I can sleep past noon without having my Mom wake me up every day saying "Get a Job!" Plus I get to show up for work in my Bunny slippers and not get a written warning for violation of the company dress code.

My life's purpose is to become a rock and roll star, makes lots of money and go on a three hour cruise. The real trick is getting Ginger and Maryann to believe the others were abducted by aliens rather than tell them the rescue ship came in the middle of the night!

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